Planning for Potential 4-H American Spirit (East) Experience

The 4-H American Spirit (East) Experience Planning Committee is asking that you take a moment to provide some valuable information as we plan for potential experiences that may be offered in Summer 2022. Please read the questions in the form carefully and help us determine priorities and considerations for a safe and successful travel experience.


The decision to travel with the 4-H American Spirit Experience for youth across Wisconsin may include considerable adaptations from typical travel experiences. Some of these adaptations are common for the experience and how it has operated in the past; other adaptations may be unique for pandemic considerations.

These adaptations may include but are not limited to:

  • Required use of masks by participants and public and/or limited use of masks by participants and public
  • Provision of proof of vaccination and/or proof of negative COVID test results
  • Sleeping accommodations include 4 youth per hotel room
  • Travel includes cohabitation on a coach bus for approximately 10 days
  • A deadline limiting the opportunity for a full refund will be enforced. Replacing drop-outs with youth from a waiting list may be possible if the waiting list youth meets the requirements to travel. The requirements to travel may include: participation in orientation, be in possession of a passport, have all health and behavior expectation paperwork turned in, and completing COVID-related testing/vaccination. Waiting list youth must also meet the “gaps” of same-gendered room accommodations.
  • Failure to comply with the code of conduct and health-related emergencies may require parents to travel to the current trip location and arrange for transportation home. (Public transportation may not be an option in certain situations).

All parents of youth ages 13-18 are asked to complete the Planning for Potential 4-H American Spirit (East) Experience by December 3, 2022.

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