Wisconsin 4-H Is Hiring

When a position opens in an organization, what happens? In many ways, it is the same at a state level as it is at a club or project level. Who will do the work the leader was doing? Who will step into the role? How do we move forward?

It is often a time for growth and opportunities. We do the best we can until we can fill the role, and we hope to be stronger.

Wisconsin 4-H is hiring for our new 4-H Program Associate Director position. We are looking for a leader to help guide the Wisconsin 4-H program.

As we talk to potential candidates, we would like to share your perspectives. We will keep them in mind throughout the hiring process as we talk to candidates. You are invited to read the position description. Based on your experience with Wisconsin 4-H, what are the most important characteristics to look for in a 4-H Program Associate Director? Please tell us in this form: https://forms.gle/5Ydn73HFD4GDbw3a9.

Applicants are encouraged to apply now through September 15th.

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