Reflections on a Crazy 4-H Year!

The following was written by Gus Holmen, Chippewa County 4-H Member, reflecting on his very “crazy” 4-H year!


The scene is set: August J. Holmen, 108 years old, is sitting in the nursing home, wrinkled and in a wheelchair. He has pure white hair and a beard, like Santa. He is talking to a little 8 year old boy about his life during the pandemic of 2020 and 2021.

Old Gus (said in a scratchy old voice): “A hundred years ago, in another century, I was a little boy, about your age!”

Young Chap: “How old ARE you?”

Old Gus: “108 years old. Back then, a gigantic sickness came from an armadillo. Hah! I don’t mean that! A virus, a coronavirus. It spread across the world, killing many! It went for a year, and then a half!

BUT, we still had 4-H! — a club in my hometown. It was very different that year. We couldn’t go to the place where they normally held it, so instead we got on our new-fangled screens and what did we see?? I saw tons and tons of people, tons of faces on ONE. SMALL. SCREEN. I saw dogs! I saw chickens! I saw RABBITS!

We played games, we did projects, and we had fun.

Some things were the same: I still entered projects in the fair. I still put Legos in the fair. I still did a record book.

But the things that were different! Ohhh, there was a lot!”

Young Chap : “Wwooowwww! That 4-H year sounds crazy!”

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