Introducing the NEW Media Collection

The Positive Youth Development (PYD) Media Collection is a library of educational tools that can be borrowed from anywhere in the state. The collection has a new home and check out system.

Visit the PYD Media Collection website to see what is available. You will find displays, skillathons, learning lab kits, interactive CD ROMs, DVDs, and more. Project materials include horse, dairy, livestock, small animal, and some arts. We have kept the most used and current materials. Most outdated materials have been removed.

Check out process:

  • Request materials online 10 business days before the date needed.
  • The State 4-H Office will mail resources to the person who made the request at the address submitted.
  • Materials must be returned by mail or in-person delivery by date identified on request form.
  • Return postage is the responsibility of whoever makes the request. Plan for how postage will be paid before making the request.

Two important changes will make it easier to access the collection.

  1. Youth leaders and volunteers may request materials directly using the online form on the website. County-based educators will get an email notice resources have been requested for use in their county. Requesters are still responsible for a timely return of materials.
  2. There is no cost to order materials for Extension-sponsored programs. Non-Extension user groups costs include outbound and return postage plus a $10 handling fee.

To find out more about the PYD Media Collection, visit the website. Contact Monica Lobenstein, Learning Resources Specialist, or 715-896-0377, with questions.

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