Hopes for 2022 – Create Your Virtual Quilt Square

Do you like to sew, quilt, paint, create? Join the Fun! All youth and adult quilters, sewists and fiber artists are invited to contribute to this year’s virtual community quilt, hosted by 4-H and The Great Wisconsin Quilt Show.

This year’s theme is “Hopes for 2022”. As we all know, 2020 and 2021 presented some significant challenges and opportunities for growth. At times we struggled, and at times we surprised ourselves with our ability to adapt. What do you hope to see in 2022? It can be what you wish for your family, yourself, your local community, our country, or even what we can achieve globally. No hope is too big or too small.

Virtual Community Quilt – Fourward Together – Check out last year’s quilt and see how to enter! Fiber arts square or quilt block must be 6-1⁄2-inches square and should represent your hopes for 2022. It can be stitched, pieced, appliquéd, painted, beaded, mixed or other. Submit your virtual block by September 1!

The 4-H and Great Wisconsin Quilt Show virtual community quilt will featured on quiltshow.com/digitalquilt from September 9-11 as part of the virtual experience. You’ll also be able to scroll through and read stories from participants across the country who share their hopes for 2022.

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