Activities Added for Wisconsin 4-H Cloverbuds!

Nine new activity plans designed specifically for Cloverbuds – youth in grades Kindergarten to 2nd grade – have been released on the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development web page. Involve 4-H and community youth in activities that are hands-on, fun, and sometimes a little messy in all the best ways.

These nine lessons have been developed with Cloverbuds in mind, letting them explore science, theater, service, their senses and their own identities throughout the seasons. Each lesson is clearly laid out to get youth thinking, involve them in a hands-on activity and help them deepen their understanding through questions. Each lesson also comes with a family letter – available in both English and Spanish – which helps parents and caregivers continue the learning at home.

To download the activities and letters, visit and click the “Unlock Activities” button. After a short survey, you will gain access to lessons from each of two years (nine activities each year), family letters in two languages, and Cloverbud Leader Resources.